Save our Advisory Council | Sauvons notre conseil consultatif

Transcribed Excerpts from CBC Information Morning Fredericton Interviews

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From Joanne Perron of the NB Coalition for Pay Equity: “We were quite disappointed with that decision because we find that it’s a very important agency in our province. The Advisory Council was independent, so it didn’t have to wait for the government to ask for its advice, it didn’t have to wait for the government to decide which issues it wanted to work on. So that was a very important role. They can bring forward issues that are difficult. I was told that it was the first Advisory Council to actually talk about violence against women, many years ago.  But I say that they still do that, bring issues that are difficult forward. For instance, the whole issue of prostitution or abortion.”

From Wendy Robbins, Professor at UNB and co-found of the university’s Women’s Studies program: “The loss to New Brunswick it’s really incalculable. They’ve done a phenomenal job, they’ve put issues on the agenda nationally, and they’re just a treasure trove of research, of outreach, of consultation; of everything that an agency does well, they’re a model of it. I’ve often suggested to other people that they look at this little gem we have in New Brunswick. And so to eliminate it now makes no sense at all to me… The thing about the Advisory Council was that it was arms-length from government, it was independent, so there was an independent voice for women… When you’re inside government there are certain things that are not politically astute to point out.  For example, if violence against women is getting worse governments often are very partisan and don’t want to publicize bad news, so if the number of childcare spaces goes down rather than up; again that’s the sort of thing that you know oftentimes small governments are prone to be doing that sort of thing whereas if you’re independent you can actually speak truth to power and that’s the beauty of an independent agency… They absolutely put gender-based analysis on the national map, they had a method before anybody else did…”


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