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SECOND Times & Transcript editorial mentioning NB ACSW cuts and “duplication of services”

Anyone want to clear up the T & T’s misunderstanding of the issue? Letters to the editor can be submitted here:

A brief pause most is advisable

Unlike the Liberal Opposition we believe most New Brunswickers, at least for the time being, are willing to take the government of Premier David Alward at its word when it says it might take the full four-year mandate to fulfill its campaign promises.

This message was often repeated by Finance Minister Blaine Higgs in the days leading up to the March 22 budget.

Meanwhile, it is surprising to hear Liberal finance critic Donald Arsenault, in his critique of the budget, attempting to characterize (as just one among many examples) the loss of the N.B. Advisory Council on the Status of Women as being among Mr. Alward’s so-called ‘broken promises.’

Mr. Higgs believes the council is an example of duplication in the civil service, and thus a target for cost cutting.

We believe most New Brunswickers feel our province is in poor financial shape, to say the least. Some might even say much of our province’s gloomy fiscal picture was painted by the Liberals when they were in full, free-spending power.

It is time for not only the Liberals but all N.B. politicians to give the new government a chance and row in the one direction of economic recovery, rather than indulge in partisan premature pontification.


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