Save our Advisory Council | Sauvons notre conseil consultatif

CUPE National

April 4th, 2011

Dear Premier Alward:

RE: NB Advisory Council on the Status of Women

I write on behalf over over 600,000 members of the Canadian Union of Public Employees to lend our collective voice in protest of your government’s decision to eliminate the New Brunswick Advisory Council on the Status of Women.

During the election campaign you promised to “actively engage with important stakeholder groups such as the Advisory Council on the Status of Women… to enhance the inclusiveness of our government’s decision-making authorities.” Unfortunately, by bringing in a budget that abolishes the Advisory Council, you’re doing the opposite of what you promised and effectively silencing what had been a strong voice for women in New Brunswick.

The Advisory Council was established in 1977 as an arms-length agency in order to allow it to be an independent advocate for women in the province. Over the years the Council has raised many important issues to women, including pay equity, child care, harassment and violence against women. The Council has provided invaluable research and resources to groups and individuals in the community to further the goal of women’s equality. It has also provided advice to government on legislation and policies affecting women, and raised public awareness about the barriers facing women in their workplaces and communities.

We urge your government to reconsider this move to eliminate the Advisory Council on the Status of Women to allow it to continue its proud legacy on behalf of the women of New Brunswick.

Yours truly,

Paul Moist

National President CUPE


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