Save our Advisory Council | Sauvons notre conseil consultatif

Faculty Association of the University of St. Thomas & Association of UNB Teachers)

29 April 2011


Dear Premier Alward:


The executives of  FAUST (the Faculty Association of the University of St. Thomas) and AUNBT (the Association of  University of New Brunswick Teachers) wish to voice their strong opposition to your administration’s decision to cut funding to the New Brunswick Advisory Council on the Status of Women. This agency was created in 1977  by the Conservative government of Richard Hatfield to provide independent non-partisan advice on issues pertaining to the wellbeing of  New Brunswick women. Merging the functions of the NBACSW into the government’s existing Women’s Issues Branch is simply unacceptable, for a government branch such as the WIB is not objective, nor is it free to criticize existing policies and legislation.


As academics, educators and union members,  we have already benefited immensely from the research and policy analysis provided by the NBACSW. We contend that if New Brunswick truly wishes to address gender inequality and create a more equitable and progessive province, it must allow arms length agencies like the NBACSW to do their job.


Thus, we join with such organizations as the Canadian Labour Congress, The Federation of New Brunswick Faculty Associations, the New Brunswick Federation of Labour, CUPE National, and many others, who urge you, in the strongest language possible, to reinstate your funding to the NBACSW.


Yours Sincerely



Robin Vose, President of FAUST                                          Jula Hughes, President of AUNBT

For the FAUST Executive                                                      For the AUNBT Executive


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