Save our Advisory Council | Sauvons notre conseil consultatif

Who to Contact? Qui contacter?

Contact the media! Learn the facts, write letters to the editor, call your local paper to ask why there isn’t more coverage of the issue, comment on stories, call cable news and demand more coverage! Here is a list of all the media entities in our province:

Contact your MLA! It’s there job to listen to you! Note that sending form emails “counts” for less than a personal phone call. Find your MLA and their contact information here:

Contact the Man with the Plan, Premier David Alward! Let him know that you don’t appreciate he’s not only broken but spit on his election promise to consult with the NB ACSW in order to be more inclusive! Let him know that women deserve an agency to advocate for them, independent of government influence! Let him know that you know how to do math and that you know cutting the NB ACSW budget isn’t enough to save serious money, but is enough to seriously harm the women of the province! Contact information is here: (again, form emails don’t “count” as much as personal calls!).

Contactez les médias! Apprenez les faits, écrivez des lettres à l’éditeur, appelez votre journal local et demandez pourquoi il n’y a pas plus de couverture sur la question, commentez sur stories, appelez les nouvelles du câble et demandez plus de couverture! Voici une liste de tous les médias de la province :

Contactez votre député! C’est leur responsabilité de vous écouter. Il est à noter qu’envoyer un courriel compte moins qu’un appel téléphonique personnel. Pour contacter votre député :

Contactez l’homme avec le PLAN, le premier ministre, David Alward! Laissez-lui savoir que vous n’appréciez pas qu’il a brisé sa promesse électorale de consulter avec le CCCFNB afin d’être plus inclusif! Laissez-lui savoir que les femmes méritent une agence qui travaille pour elles, et ce, de façon indépendante sans l’influence du gouvernement! Laissez-lui savoir que vous savez comment faire les math et que vous savez qu’abolir le CCCFNB n’est pas une question d’argent, tellement le budget est petit, mais que  l’abolition du CCCFNB va nuire sérieusement aux femmes de la province! Pour le contacter : (N’oubliez pas que les courriels ne comptent pas autant que les appels personnels!).



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  1. brenda murphy says:

    This is a copy of a letter sent to Premier Alward and to the editor of TJ.

    Dear Premier Alward,

    I am writing on behalf of the Urban Core Support Network to express our disappointment in the decision to abolish the NB Advisory Council on the Status of Women. We are an organization that works with low income women who are trying to escape from poverty and it is through this work that we understand the barriers they face, many of which are systemic in nature.

    The New Brunswick Advisory Council has always been an independent voice in our province with a role to promote equity for women including removing barriers that keep women from fully participating in society. Although there are women’s groups and organizations that provide services in the area of domestic violence, poverty reduction and pay equity, there are fewer and fewer sources of funding for community groups and particularly those who advocate for change. In addition, women continue to be underrepresented in decision making positions resulting in women’s concerns/issues being less visible on the public agenda. We believe it is critical to have an arm’s length publicly funded organization to continue to advance the concerns of women in this province.

    We fully support the work of the Women’s Issues Branch and recognize the value of their work to continue to educate on wage gap, support direct services to survivors of domestic violence, support girls in non-traditional education programs. We find it somewhat ironic that the Council played a key role in the events surrounding the World March of Women in 2000 which resulted in the establishment of the Women’s Issues Branch.

    The New Brunswick Advisory Council ensures that women’s equality remains on the radar of both government and the public. Losing their voice and work is a tremendous loss for the residents of New Brunswick. We urge you to reconsider your decision.

    Sincerely yours,

    Bonnie McGraw

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