Save our Advisory Council | Sauvons notre conseil consultatif


(This page will be updated as more information rolls in, posted from newest to oldest/ Cette page sera mise à jour au fur et à mesure que l’on reçoit l’information, et ce, de la plus récente publication à la plus ancienne.)

«Redonner une voix indépendante aux femmes» 8 décembre 2012 L’Acadie Nouvelle

“Group to ensure women’s voices are heard” December 8th, Telegraph-Journal.

“Group to ensure women’s voices are heard” Ad Hoc Committee for an Advisory Council on the Status of Women Press Release, December 7th.

«La voix des femmes au Nouveau-Brunswick 35 ans après le premier CCCFNB» Communiqué de presse de le Comité ad hoc pour un conseil sur la condition de la femme 7 décembre 2012

«La voix des femmes doit être le choix des femmes» 30 novembre, L’Acadie Nouvelle ou içi.

“There are other ways to engage women in politics” December 1st, Times & Transcript

«Sommets des femmes à Fredericton – interview avec Sarah LeBlanc» 7 nov 2011, Radio-Canada,

«Sommet des femmes: Forces et faiblesses» Le Réveil, Radio-Canada, Émission du mardi 15 novembre 2011

“Women’s groups want more from gov’t; Committee says that the recent government-led summit didn’t allow for comprehensive discussion” Times & Transcript, Nov 15 2011

«De la poudre aux yeux?» 15 novembre, 2011, L’Acadie Nouvelle

«Condition féminine : la voix des femmes doit être le choix des femmes» 17 novembre, L’Étoile

“Summit on women’s issues underway” Nov. 5th, Daily Glearner

” Independent voice needed to achieve women’s equality” Nov. 3rd, Times & Transcript

“Gov’t planning women’s summit” Oct. 21st, Times & Transcript

“Group critical of Tory MLAs” August 4th, Telegraph Journal

“Dear Ministers: actions speak louder than words” August 4th, Times & Transcript  and Telegraph Journal

Official Opposition Press Release “Status of women advocacy needed now more than ever” June 29″

Communiqué de presse de L’Opposition «Conseil consultatif sur la condition de la femme nécessaire aujourd’hui plus que jamais: Liberaux» 29 juin

“Mount A associations meet with MLA” July 6th, Times & Transcript

“Critics pan sexual health changes” July 2nd, Times & Transcript

Letter to the Editor “Advisory council was important” May 26th, Times & Transcript

Letter to the Editor “Province shouldn’t have cut advisory council” May 19th, Daily Gleaner

Blog post “Women’s Issues Branch Estimates, Hon. Margaret-Ann Blaney ” May 12th, Progressive Conservative Party of New Brunswick Blog

“The good old days in the women’s equality movement” May 12th, Times & Transcript

“Gov’t to fight domestic violence” May 12th, Times & Transcript

“Protesters keep fighting to get funding for women’s council” May 7th, Daily Gleaner,

“Province praised for consultation efforts” May 6th, Daily Gleaner,

Lettre «Pourquoi briser une promesse électorale?» 5 mai, L’Étoile,

Letter “Women’s opinions need to be heard” May 3rd, Telegraph Journal

Chronique «Être à l’écoute» 3 mai, L’Acadie Nouvelle

Letter “Work of council cannot continue as is was under government” May 3rd, Daily Gleaner

Lettre «Pas assez féministe?» 29 avril, L’Acadie Nouvelle

Lettre “Conseil consultatif: la bataille vaut la peine» 21 avril, L’Acadie Nouvelle

Lettre «Des inégalités aberrantes» 21 avril, L’Acadie Nouvelle

Lettre “Les femmes ont droit à une voix collective indépendante» 21 avril, L’Acadie Nouvelle

Lettre «La voix des féministes» 20 avril, L’Acadie Nouvelle

Letter “This is not just a women’s issue” April 20th, Daily Gleaner

Letter “Committee backs advisory council” April 18th, Telegraph Journal

Letter “Most vulnerable women will suffer most” April 18th, Daily Gleaner

“Highlighting women getting the provincial vote in April 1919 and losing their independent voice” April 17th, N.B. Media Co-op

Photo: “Group seeks wage equity” April 16th, NB Business Journal,677433

Letters “Decisions can be reversed when they’ve been made in haste” April 16th, Daily Gleaner

Letters “Losing council brings anger” & “What has council accomplished?” April 16th, Telegraph Journal

“‘Women feel betrayed'” April 16th, Telegraph Journal

“Demonstration in Moncton for advisory council” April 15th, CBC

Lettre «Alward doit écouter la voix des femmes» April 15th, L’Acadie Nouvelle

Letter “Loss of ACSW isn’t as socially damaging as some might argue” April 15th, Daily Gleaner

“Postal Workers participate in protest against axing NB Advisory Council on the Status of Women” April 14th, N.B. Media Co-op

Letters “ACSW should start with the basics – education” & “Let’s continue on without government money” April 14th, Daily Gleaner

Chronique «Ajuster le tir» 14 avril, L’Acadie Nouvelle

Letter “Decision reverses gains by women” April 14th, Telegraph Journal

Letter “It’s a sad day April 13th, Daily Gleaner

Letter “Sustain council’s vibrant presence” April 13th, Telegraph Journal

Lettre «Aux féministes de se retrousser les manches» 13 avril, L’Acadie Nouvelle

Letter to the Editor “Premier must reinstate council” April 12th, Telegraph Journal

Lettre d’opinion «Une mauvaise décision, M. Alward» 12 avril, L’Acadie Nouvelle

Letter to the Editor “ACSW move was sensible” April 12th, Times & Transcript

Letter to the Editor “Decision should be reversed” April 12th, Daily Gleaner

“New Brunswick labour organizes rally in support of Advisory Council on the Status of Women” April 11th, NB Media Co-op

Letter to the Editor “Please reconsider funding for this independent voice” April 11th, Daily Gleaner

Commentary “Is it all over for women in New Brunswick?” April 11th, Telegraph Journal

“Groups want advisory council back”, April 9th, Times & Transcript,

“N.B. labour groups protest on women’s issues,” April 8th, Canadian Press–n-b-labour-groups-protest-on-women-s-issues

Letter to the Editor: “Council’s voice promoted equality” April 9th, Telegraph Journal

“Council still needed, protesters contend” April 9th, Telegraph Journal

“Protestors make noise at legislature” April 9th, Times & Transcript

Letters to the Editor “Restore women’s advisory council” and “New battle to be fought” April 9th, Times & Transcript

“Opposition leader will not give up” News 88.9–opposition-leader-will-not-give-up-attempts-to-revive-women-s-advocacy-group

Editor’s Note “Women’s interest group had its funding chopped” April 8th, KV

Lettre d’opinion «La ministre Blaney déçoit» 8 avril, L’Acadie Nouvelle

Letters to the Editor (one supporting the abolition, one supporting ACSW) “Women’s concerns will still be met” and “Advisory Council fought for justice” April 8th, Telegraph Journal

Letter to the Editor “Some cuts don’t make sense” April 7th, Telegraph Journal

Column “A great leader is willing to admit a mistake” April 7th, Daily Gleaner

New Brunswick Association of Social Workers expresses support for the ACSW in a letter to the editor “Cut will create hardship” April 7th, Daily Gleaner

Lettre de L’Association des travailleurs sociaux du Nouveau-Brunswick «Décision à reconsidérer» 7 avril, L’Acadie Nouvelle

First edition of Jody Dallaire’s new Times & Transcript column “Looking for gender in the provincial budget” April 7th

Lettre «Une atteinte aux acquis des femmes» 7 avril, L’Acadie Nouvelle

Lettre «Le Conseil consultatif comble un déficit démocratique» 7 avril, L’Étoile

Article «De plus en plus de voix s’élèvent contre l’abolition du CCCF» 7 avril, L’Étoile

«Inquiétudes» 7 avril, L’Étoile

«Se tenir debout» 7 avril, L’Acadie Nouvelle

Blog post at Shameless Magazine about the abolition of the Council.

Letter to the Editor from NB ACSW Founding Chairperson “Would you eliminate the council on disabled persons to finance wheelchair ramps?” April 6th, Daily Gleaner

Letter of the Day from the NB ACSW Founding Member “It is a sad day when people are muzzled” April 5th, Times & Transcript

Letters to the Editor “Imagine if no women voted,” “Let us keep our jewel” & “Shocked by ACSW axing” April 5th, Telegraph Journal

Letter to the Editor “Make education council’s priority” April 5th, Telegraph Journal

Letters to the Editor “Honor your platform commitment, Mr. Premier” & “Drastic Measures” April 5th, Daily Gleaner

Blogue: «Nouveau-Brunswick – Le Conseil consultatif sur la condition de la femme victime à son tour de l’idéologie conservatrice.»

Opinion: «Une abolition rétrograde» 4 avril, L’Acadie Nouvelle

Editorial: “Brickbats for Alward’s Buget” Telegraph Journal, April 4th

Letter to the Editor: “Bring back status of women” April 4th, Daily Gleaner

Editorial: “Women need a watchdog” April 4th, Telegraph Journal

Lettre d’opinion «Une décision à annuler au plus vite» 2 avril, L’Acadie Nouvelle

“Protests continue against axing the Advisory Council on the Status of Women” April 1st, NB Media Co-op ( )

“Cutting women’s council against law: Boudreau” April 1st (

Lettre d’opinion “Le combat des femmes se poursuit» 31 mars, L’Acadie Nouvelle

«Appui collectif au Conseil consultatif sur la condition de la femme» 31 mars, Radio-Canada

Lettre d’opinion «Toute la société bénéficie du Conseil consultatif» 31 mars, L’Acadie Nouvelle

“Premier stands by decision to axe women’s council” March 31st, Daily Gleaner

“End of the road for ACSW” March 31st, Global Maritimes

“No voice for you, ladies” March 31st, Daily Gleaner (

“Premier stands by council cuts” March 31st, Times & Transcript (

NB ACSW Chairperson’s Column “On women’s issues, who you gonna call?” March 30th, Telegraph Journal (

Opinion: “Tories’ budget ignores many” March 30th, The Brunswickan (UNB Student Newspaper)

Letter to the editor “Reinstate women’s advisory council” March 30th, Telegraph Journal (

«Manifestation à Moncton» 30 mars,

Letter to the editor: “Advisory Council should continue” March 30th, Times & Transcript ( (scroll down page to see letter)

Editoriaux «Le débat de l’économie et de notre démocratie» 29 mars, L’Acadie Nouvelle

Letter to the editor: “Advisory Council decision surprising, sad” March 28th, Telegraph Journal (

«Le désir de changer la culture» 26 mars, L’Acadie Nouvelle (

“Tories broke their word: Grits” March 25th, Telegraph Journal (

«L’opposition critique le budget» 25 mars, L’Acadie Nouvelle (

“L’Opposition n’en démord pas» 25 mars,

“A brief pause is most advisable” March 25th, Times & Transcript (

“Liberals seek to reverse cut” March 25th, Times & Transcript (

“Advisory Council budget cut raises questions about David Alward’s commitment to N.B. women” March 25th, Global Maritimes (

“Women bemoan cut to advisory council funding” March 25th, Telegraph Journal (

“Liberals’ priority is ‘investing'” March 25th, Telegraph Journal (

Letter to the Editor, March 25th, Telegraph Journal (

“A large and many splendoured thing” March 25th, Times & Transcript (

“Budget cuts an ideological attack on women” March 25th, NB Media Co-op (

“Removal of the Advisory Council on the Status of Women met with protest” March 24th, CBC Radio Shift Program (MUST SCROLL DOWN TO PROPER CLIP) (

“Reaction to elimination of Status of Women” March 24th, CBC Information Morning (

“Groups criticize N.B. women’s rights council cuts” March 24th, CBC news (

«Le gouvernement du Nouveau-Brunswick défend sa decision d’abolir le Conseil consultatif sur la condition de la femme» 24 mars, Radio-Canada (

«Manifestation: Les femmes appuient leur conseil consultatif» 24 mars, Radio-Canada  (

“Opposition à l’abolition du Conseil consultatif sur la condition de la femme du Nouveau-Brunswick» March 24th,  Radio-Canada (

“Tories defend N.B. women’s rights council cut” March 24th, CBC news (

“Protest expected over council cut” March 24th, Telegraph Journal (

“This was a broken promise, that’s for sure” March 24th, Telegraph Journal (

“Gov’t denies promise was broken” March 24th, Times & Transcript (

“Women’s advocates decry loss” March 24th, Daily Gleaner (

“New Democrats grade Alward’s first budget: Incomplete” March 23rd, NB NDP website (

“Advisory Council budget cut raises questions about David Alward’s commitment to N.B. women” March 23, Global News (

“N.B. organizations react to funding loss” March 23rd, CBC news (

“Tories defend N.B. women’s rights council cuts” March 23, CBC news (

“Finance minister reaches into various corners to achieve spending cuts” March 23rd, Telegraph Journal (

«Rosella Melanson tourne la page» 23 mars, (

“Many government departments impacted by cuts” March 23rd, Times & Transcript (

“Organization comes to an end” March 23rd, Times & Transcript (

“Tories cut $220M worth of spending in first budget” March 23rd, Times & Transcript (

“Higgs cuts 3 government agencies” March 22nd, CBC news (

«Mauvaise surprise pour les femmes du N.-B.» 22 mars, (


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